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1908 Kawamura Ink Manufactory is established 1908Kawamura Ink Manufactory is established

Popular and consumer culture evolved swiftly in Japan following the Russo-Japanese War with the rapid modernization of daily life. Underscored by the launch of numerous magazines devoted to the arts and a boom in the popularity of picture postcards, as well as by rising demand for attractive packaging for cosmetics and food products, a revitalized cultural scene had a direct and positive impact on demand for printing services, spurring the growth of Japan's printing industry. Recognizing the potential of this trend, Kijuro Kawamura resolved to go into business as a manufacturer of printing inks and established Kawamura Ink Manufactory.

Kawamura set up a plant in Tokyo, installing three gas engine–powered 8x12-inch roll mills, and launched operations with just three employees, commissioning a traveling salesman to handle marketing. The new company began by manufacturing white, blue, yellow and red inks for woodblock, lithographic and typographic printing, all of which were in particularly high demand, purchasing raw materials (pigments and varnishes) and selling milled inks. Sales were brisk from the word go, ensuring the Company got off to a smooth start.

1915Kawamura recognizes the potential of offset printing

Offset printing, which delivers higher image quality than other printing methods, was introduced into Japan around 1908. The first commercial offset printing in the country began in March 1914. Predicting that offset printing would gain wide acceptance in Japan, Kawamura Kijuro Shoten, as the Company was now called, became one of the first ink manufacturers in the country to conduct R&D in the area of inks for the new technique.
While few written records pertaining to the development of offset inks at the time remain, it is known that the Company's researchers faced considerable difficulties and went through a great deal of trial and error as they strove to determine, among others, the optimum ink viscosity, as well as the pigment particle size and chemical affinity between pigment and varnish. In 1915, they finally succeeded in manufacturing commercially viable offset inks.
By this time, more than 100 offset printing presses were in use in Tokyo and Osaka, while offset printing was rapidly emerging as the technique of choice among printers across the country. Thanks to the Company's foresight, it succeeded in capitalizing on this trend and promptly launched production and sales of offset inks.

  • 1908 Established as Kawamura Ink Manufactory
  • 1910 Cultivates demand in regional markets throughout Japan
  • 1912 Changes Company name to Kawamura Kijuro Shoten
  • 1915 Succeeds in manufacturing inorganic pigments
  • 1915 Commences production of offset printing inks

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DIC Corporation, is one of Japan's most diversified chemical companies and the core of the DIC Group, which comprises approximately 228 subsidiaries and affiliates, including Sun Chemical Corp. in more than 60 countries worldwide.

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